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Energy Grass

Question: How can we proactively secure sustainable, stable, cost-effective biomass raw materials?

Answer: A significant concern is ensuring a consistent and dependable supply of cost-effective biomass raw materials. As such, we recommend exploring the cultivation of crops that efficiently convert solar energy and soil nutrients into biomass energy. Such crops should be easy to grow, manage, collect, and process, providing a reliable and sustainable source of biomass feedstock.

​Here are the highlights:

High solar utilization

Solar energy has a high utilization rate.

Soil & Water conservation

This energy grass has a significant soil and water conservation effect that is 15 times higher than corn. Additionally, it has a more vital anti-scour and rainwater absorption ability than forests and crops.

Annual yield

The annual yield of the energy grass is high, with a yield per hectare of land under normal conditions reaching more than 3 million tons.

High conversion rate

The bioenergy conversion rate of the tall Pennisetum energy grass is 4-6 times higher than that of broad-leaved trees.

harvest time.png
Harvest time

The energy grass can fully mature within one year and remain sustainable for 20-30 years of annual use. It is drought-resistant and cold-resistant and can naturally overwinter at temperatures above -6 degrees Celsius.


The tall Pennisetum energy grass has a wide range of uses, including as high-quality livestock and poultry feed, for producing edible fungi, gas, oil, power, brewing, paper, and ecological building boards. It can also be used for ecological restoration and protection.

A group of experienced agricultural experts from China has cultivated a specific energy grass variety for over 20 years. This tall strain belongs to the Poaceae family, commonly known as the Pennisetum variety. It has been the subject of over ten invention patents and has been extensively cultivated and utilized in China and globally.

Building upon this expertise, we have successfully introduced this energy grass to South Africa for large-scale industrial planting. We have applied this grass to various fields, including fresh grass feed, silage production, and straw briquetting, achieving positive results.

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