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Biomass Gasifier

Question: Under what circumstances should a biomass gasifier be selected as biomass combustion equipment?

Answer: Selecting a biomass gasifier as the combustion equipment is suitable when a large amount of biomass raw materials are readily available and a large-scale heat supply is required. Two scenarios where a biomass gasifier would be appropriate include when the heat supply per hour needs to reach 600×104Kcal, or when there is a need to supply pure biomass gas through the pipe network system to residential areas for cooking purposes.
Biomass gasifier

A biomass gasifier is a gasification combustion equipment that utilizes the pyrolysis of wood chips, sawdust, and other biomass raw materials at high temperatures to generate biomass gas, which can be used for heating or power generation.

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In addition to biomass gas, biomass gasifiers produce biochar as a by-product. The biomass carbon generated can be further processed into products such as barbecue charcoal, activated carbon, and graphene, significantly improving the project's economic benefits.

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Power generation 

In areas where biomass resources are abundant and electricity is scarce, a small power station of less than 10MW can be established using a biomass gasifier and generator set to supply power to residents or enterprises.

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Heat generation

The gasifier can also be paired with steam boilers and drying drums to provide heat to industries.

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