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Biomass Burners

Question: What are the considerations when choosing a biomass burner?

Answer: Selecting a suitable biomass burner with appropriate thermal power, high efficiency, stability, and durability is crucial when procuring biomass materials like wood chips, wood pellets, and straw briquettes.
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Thermal Power

The range of thermal power provided by biomass burners is vast, with heat supply per hour varying from 30×104Kcal to 360×104Kcal.

Key evaluation indicators

Critical factors such as combustion efficiency, thermal efficiency, ease of operation, ash and slag cleaning convenience, equipment reliability, and durability must be considered to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a biomass burner.

Connect to auxiliary equipments

The biomass burner can be used in various industries, collaborating with different boilers or drying furnaces for heating purposes. For example, heating equipment such as oil/gas burners, coal chain boilers, and hand firewood boilers can be quickly and easily replaced or modified to facilitate valve casting, paint drying, powder curing, food drying, kiln heating, aluminum profile processing, metal smelting, electroplating drying, and other industries.

We offer wood pellet burners with the following parameters, which can be used with raw materials similar to wood chips burners, straw briquetting burners, and other types of burners. To learn more, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
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