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Cosmic AgriFilm

Question: What is Cosmic AgriFilm, and what are its advantages for greenhouse tunnel farming?

Answer: Photosynthesis is driven by chloroplasts. Primarily lets through the blue and red spectrum from sunlight for nutrient production, rejecting the green and yellow light spectrum and boosting chlorophyll’s photosynthetic capacity. Our unique Cosmic AgriFilm further transforms damaging Ultra Violet light into the same crucial blue and red light in low-light conditions. This enhances plant growth, with red light aiding fruit and stem development and blue light supporting leaf and root growth, resulting in fuller fruits, sturdier stems, lush leaves, and robust root systems.
Enhanced Light & Temperature

During winter, the Cosmic AgriFilm significantly increases light intensity and transmittance within greenhouses, raising average temperatures by 3-5 degrees Celsius. In Summer, it reduces greenhouse temperatures by 7-8 degrees Celsius. These conditions foster taller, sturdier plant growth, allowing crops to reach the market 20 to 30 days earlier.

yield boost.png
Yield Boost

Plants in the Cosmic AgriFilm greenhouses grow taller, sturdier, and exhibit a significantly higher fruit-setting rate, leading to yield increases ranging from 1.6-2.5 times, particularly for fruit-bearing plants.

Disease Resistance

Reduced UV transmittance within the film greenhouse, coupled with robust plant growth, diminishes disease occurrence by over 80%. This includes white spot disease, leaf blight, and wilt disease.

Quality Enhancement

Fruits grown under the influence of the Cosmic AgriFilm exhibit higher vitamin C and sugar content, surpassing those from conventional greenhouses. The film also improves fruit appearance and taste by increasing the proportion of large fruits, reducing small fruits, and minimizing deformities.

Triple Protection

The Comic AgriFilm absorbs UV rays and prevents their transmission, combating UV damage that often plagues other agricultural films. Experiments confirm its resistance to aging. Additionally, our film incorporates new materials and processes during production to ensure resistance against dripping, fogging, and aging.

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Overcast Weather Insulation

Even in overcast and rainy weather, the Cosmic AgriFilm enables plant growth by converting ultraviolet light into essential red and blue light, ensuring continuous growth despite limited sunlight.

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